Don’t you love to schedule, organize and telecast video channel with the aid of a single PC? Don’t think that you are in day dream because by using the Channel Studio Pro, one of the fully automated software of Phoenix Innovations, you can get full access to scheduling and organization of the telecast with almost nil headaches. Since our Channel Studio Pro is excellent in flexibility and user friendliness, we have been privileged to get prestigious institutions as our clients. We offer a bunch of comforts for our clients using our Channel Studio Pro, ranging from overlay options like scroll maker, flash news and breaking news to dual screen mode.

For creating much more user friendliness, we have divided the whole software into several modules namely Scheduler.exe, Channel Player.exe, Scroll Maker, Flash News, Breaking News, Time.exe and Brainwave Livesoft.exe

1. Sheduler.exe
With our scheduler.exe module, we aims to create play lists, design overlay and create and organize schedules. It consists of Play list maker Organizer

With our play list maker, you are able to cut, insert or edit clips very easily. You can edit, create and design play lists which includes program clips, titles, advertisements, overlay graphics etc. It works well in almost all almost all video formats such as MPEG, DAT, AVI, DVD etc.

No matter whether you want to schedule the program for a single day or a number of days, the organizer in the Scheduler.exe can do it. You can breathe relief by successfully scheduling channel programs for a number of days. You can specify the exact time for each program (play list) included in the schedule. Our clients can also preview the telecast time of each video in this module. You can also modify the existing schedule or time at any time, even while running the same schedule; and can be updated too online.

2. Channel player.exe

This module is designed in order to play the program as scheduled in scheduler.exe module.

  • Channel Player modes
  • Channel player runs the program in two modes
  • Dual screen mode
  • Single desktop mode.

Channel player.exe module provides a dual screen mode in which the final program out with overlay and scrolls will go directly to the TV out and the desktop will be free. So you can do any other work on the computer while running the channel. With our dual screen mode you can edit, alter or delete any program or schedule, show flash news or breaking news, change advertisements or anything else on real time and update it too without disturbing the running program.

There are three different ways to play schedules

  • Current time
  • Previous position
  • Manual

If you choose current time, the software will automatically search for the schedule for the current day and time, and load it automatically and start play from the exact position for the current time.

If you want to restart the program from the last played position then you can click on previous position. This will be useful when unexpected interruptions like breaking down of channel etc. happens.

In manual you can load any schedule and play it from any position, at any time irrespective of the set time.

3. Scroll Maker
Scroll Maker is an independent program to create, edit and organize scrolling and animated advertisements. You can either use Scrolling Text, Picture or animation separately or collectively to create attractive scrolling ads. You will be able to use files of various formats like SWF, or AVI. There are no restrictions in the length of the scrolling text. You can format the text with multiple fonts and colors. The ads can be organized based on date, time and week day. More transparency can also be given.

4. Flash News
This module is aimed to run unlimited text message as overlay. You can format the text with multiple fonts and colors. The band can be set any where on the screen along with giving transparency for the text.

5. Breaking News
Breaking News module is used for the display of emergency messages like breaking news, alerts etc. The short text will be displayed on the screen with an attractive animation effect. The background image, screen position etc can also be customized.

6. Time.exe
This small program can be used to display time and date on the screen with an attractive animation effect.

7. Brainwave Livesoft Ver 3.0
Livesoft is the software which can be used for live telecasting in your channel. Livesoft can playback video from outside sources like VCR, Cable or DV Camera. You can set overlays, logo etc. on the display. By integrating with Channel studio you can display all the advertisements, channel logo and overlay in Channel Studio can be displayed as overlay in Livesoft.

Basic Preview Video

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