eMax Player Pro Indroid



eMax player  pro  Latest Most of Cable Operators displays 3/5 movies per day. For that currently they are using VCD Player or VCR. This way they display their private movie channel. In which Cable Operator set particular movies at particular time. There are many drawbacks using such devices. They have to keep one person busy to handle these devices. Operator has to change the CD’s or Videotape when particular movie completed. Problems also arise when movie is running and light goes off. When power come back operator has to search the movie position and then track it to manually. The best solution is to start Movie Channel using PC. is completely designed to turn your pc into cable channel.

System Requirements

( WIN XP / WIN 7 / VISTA / 2007,8 ) ( Best Performance In WIN XP )

Processor : ( Pentium 4 PC ) 2.4 GHz or higher.
Memory (RAM) : 1 – GB MB RAM.
Hard Disk Drive : Capacity will depend on your choice for movie or music channel.
Video Card : Any ATI Radeon AGP or PCIx card with TV-Out that supports 800×600 resolution.
Sound Card : Any 64 bit PCI card or Onboard.
Free Hard Drive Space : 114 MB for installing

Screen Short

1441452_461470937345670_4066134675278778455_n 1511275_461470820679015_237587838742805846_n 1978747_461470917345672_597282048353555293_n 1978913_461470954012335_206327655572511240_n 10488238_461470900679007_5504229522209510540_n 10492494_461470790679018_6181839794250982509_n 10616542_461470877345676_1008595450341651742_n 11058112_461470840679013_8360694383934689788_n 11401248_461470804012350_7033411859125625817_n 11536103_461470974012333_5383788735959168699_n