Catv Max Player Version 2.5


Most of Cable Operators displays 3/5 movies per day. For that currently they are using VCD Player or VCR. This way they display their private movie channel. In which Cable Operator set particular movies at particular time. There are many drawbacks using such devices. They have to keep one person busy to handle these devices. Operator has to change the CD’s or Videotape when particular movie completed. Problems also arise when movie is running and light goes off. When power come back operator has to search the movie position and then track it to manually. The best solution is to start Movie Channel using PC. CATV Max Player Version 2.5 is completely designed to turn your PC into cable channel.

Hardware Requirement


Processor : ( Pentium 4 PC ) 1.6 GHz or higher.
Memory (RAM) : 1 – GB MB RAM.
Hard Disk Drive : Capacity will depend on your choice for movie or music channel.
Video Card : Any ATI Radeon AGP or PCIx card with TV-Out that supports 800×600 resolution.
Sound Card : Any 64 bit PCI card or Onboard.
Free Hard Drive Space : 110 MB for installing


Screen Short ..

11011085_467062470119850_3034199400191035885_n 11053585_467062456786518_4940670748517377900_n 11168058_467062496786514_8115856677433928636_n 11209414_467062613453169_6158029952590454548_n 11659227_467062516786512_1476015668863101702_n 11659249_467062593453171_4942824778444426303_n 11666249_467062626786501_8349750599473442956_n 11694823_467062406786523_2806062283116805208_n 11694887_467062646786499_910187093028152224_n 11695761_467062546786509_4651368401288733181_n 11703059_467062573453173_8289286114752324235_n