Acm Super Box Movie Edition 14.0



A Very Good Software having all the features for running a Satellite Channel. Full HD Pictures and Full Alpha Transparency. Now with Box pack Software & Hardware both. Perfect for budget oriented channel. Lots of modern features like MOM, MOW, URW…


• Full HD Quality Pictures
• Full Alpha Transparentcy
• Transparent Scroll with Animated Alpha Background Support
• Online 3D Weather Report with Indian Map Animation
• 3D Transparent Breaking News
• 3D transparent Cinema Scope
• 3D Transparent L-Shape Ad
• 3D Movie of the Month, 3D Movie of the Week, 3D Movie Trailer
• Very Smooth Inbuilt Transparent Scroll with JPG,SWF,PNG,GIF etc. Support.

Facilities and Advantages

• Free Full Company Support
• Free Gallerirs
• Free Logo and Ad Making Software
• Free Updates
• AMX/License Renewal Facility
• Easy Installment Facility
• Free Full Supported Codec Packs
• Free Custom Features Development
• Software Conversion Facility
• Free Software & Multimedia Training
• Free Online Support (Team Viewer)
• Free Onsite Demonstration
• Free Onsite Installation
• Free Software Delivery and lots More…


System Requirement

• Intel Core i7 Preocessor
• Intel/Gigabyte Motherboard with Minium 3 PCI and 1 PCIE Slot
• ATI Radeon or NVidia Graphics card with S-Video/TV Output
• Corsair/Color master 600W SMPS

Screen Shorts

11143085_513656915460405_5219809616612582109_n 12313565_513656602127103_195564377720003770_n 12313700_513655955460501_6403503743113345409_n 12313720_513656902127073_1077316865627386725_n 12313739_513656878793742_1037980912850896780_n 12314027_513656785460418_8351247011580866679_n 12314069_513657352127028_4299743771572262224_n 12321304_513656542127109_1346185170174587028_n 12342329_513657465460350_358927720137592926_n 12342502_513656812127082_3812500743395093329_n 12345434_513657438793686_994022781164952723_n 12347820_513656932127070_4626418997955108113_n 12348028_513656652127098_4219007979228960739_n 12348092_513656945460402_865964369626937878_n 12356972_513656792127084_6644567444756997292_o 12366464_513656925460404_5089863856385244533_n 12373168_513657232127040_3990147151639859319_n 12373181_513656775460419_5959458005421977635_n 12373196_513656892127074_5290235610767939984_n 12376565_513656425460454_567914850944925068_n

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